Idle Mining Empire


Idle Mining Empire is a fantastic strategy game where you control miners digging ore, transport to the warehouse, and earn profit. Build automatic by your way.

To make resources to sell, click on your miners. Using your elevator, you can then take the rocks to the earth, where they will be delivered to the warehouse.

Build an empire from the ground up by automating your business's mine workflow simulation without having to click continually. You'll be able to start adding managers to each section of the process once you've earned money, purchased new coal mines and buildings, and invested cash and gold. You can also improve each component to travel faster and make more money!

In this mining and excavating simulator, you may become the ultimate miner management tycoon!

Features of the game

  • Build a mining empire from ground
  • Use coins to unlock more mineshafts
  • Upgrade your workers
  • Activate boosts to speed up your mining operations
  • Automate the workflow with managers
  • Instruction to Play Idle Mining Empire

Platforms: Web browser (desktop and mobile)

How to control

  • Use your mouse to click on the buttons
  • Click to by upgrade