Oil Tycoon 2


With Oil Tycoon 2 game, you will have the opportunity to become an oil billionaire by managing your oil business. This is a game of the most popular idle theme.

Are you interested in oil exploration? If this excites you, then this is a great game for your idle moments.

How do you think you will become an oil billionaire?

Becoming an oil tycoon will no longer be impossible in this game by managing oil wells and profits this will come true! However, you need to have a management mindset. Because this work includes many stages and they are happening continuously. In order for production activities to go smoothly, you need to have certain understanding of management. Don't worry we will guide you in detail.

Oil Tycoon 2 is a factory simulation game that allows you to grow from a single oil rig to a multi-million dollar synthetic oil extraction platform at sea. Let's start an oil mining empire right now!


  • Combination of idle game and action
  • Lots of upgrades and achievements includes for you to conquer.
  • There are many different missions for players to complete and receive bonuses. This helps players speed up the construction of the oil platform in a short time!
  • Build your own oil mining empire including all mining base city factories.
  • You can Automate your workflow by upgrading to increase your idle income

How to play

  • Click to extract oil and collect money from ocean/sea.