Clicker Heroes


Join the extremely exciting Clicker Heroes idle game. You will have to fight dangerous enemies and many mythical animals. The war is about to start so join now.

Idle game Clicker Heroes is a lot of fun. On your trip, you must combat enemies and a variety of mythical animals. To help you battle foes faster, earn gold, enhance your hero, and unlock satisfying new talents. The idle RPG that spawned the subgenre, Clicker Heroes! Start your quest and embark on a basic but very entertaining idle adventure. Tap to assault monsters, hire heroes, and level them up to gain access to their special skills. Kill creatures for gold, discover hidden treasures, and travel to other realms.

Click on monsters to slay them and obtain their riches. Use your gold to recruit additional heroes and boost your damage output. The more damage you deal, the more gold you'll receive. To defeat the creatures and win gold, click the screen. Purchase and upgrade auto-damage heroes using your gold. Then progress to fight more difficult creatures and drop more gold. Even if you go offline, the game continues, so come back later to earn and spend even more!

Tips for players

  • To combat stronger enemies, upgrade and recruit heroes. Your goal in the early game should be to enhance your heroes and recruit additional heroes who inflict more damage.
  • Increased attention should unleash even more powerful heroes, which will cost more gold to employ and enhance. Calculate which hero would provide you with the most damage boost per gold paid.
  • Make the most of your ability. As you level up your heroes, you'll gain access to new powers that you may use to temporarily boost your strength. Each one has its own cooldown duration, but they're most beneficial when you're using them all at the same time!
  • You'll gain some hero souls after advancement, which will provide your heroes with extra possibilities and enhancements.


  • Use the mouse to play.