Tap The Bubble


Play Tap The Bubble game to Enjoy the fun multi-touch gameplay. At this bubble touch adventure, you will be free to touch the ball to score points.

Your mission is to pop as many colorful bubbles as possible. When the bubbles fill the screen, you will explore them by clicking and the position of the ball you want to explode. To be able to do this well you can ask for help from friends because the main concern is time.

Try to complete the task quickly and accurately, because every mistake leads to lost time. The game aims to achieve the highest possible score, so having help from friends will be a big advantage for you. This game is simple to play but very difficult to master so you need more practice time.

Features from the game

  • The game belongs to the idle genre combined with simple mouse click fun.
  • The multi-touch mechanism creates excitement for players.
  • Multiplayer mode allows you to play with your friends.
  • There are all 50 exciting levels waiting for you to conquer.

How to contol

  • Click on the ball to explode.