Fruit Master


Fruit Master gives you the opportunity to become a professional mixologist. You will hone your skills and use them to create amazing performances.

At the start of the game. There will be countless fruits tossed on top including watermelon, pineapple, avocado, and strawberry,... Do you like to eat fruit? They are so fresh. Try to cut and hit as many balls as possible. You will get a high score when you cut many fruits. There have been many records from super-talented fruit slashers from all over the world. Can you break those records? Start right now!

To complete each level, throw your weapon at the fruits and try to squeeze them all. As you squeeze the fruits to earn coins, try not to miss any of them. Unlock new knives as you attempt to complete all 100 levels. Your high score will be added to the leaderboard if you miss any fruits.

We bring you the amazing Fruit Master game. This is a fun and healthy entertainment game. It will definitely bring you a good time. Fruit Master is a game that is very suitable to play at leisure. You can place a bet to find the best players here. Invite your friends to join.

How to play

  • Throw knives at the fruit with the left mouse button to make fruit cocktails.