The Mergest Kingdom


The Mergest Kingdom is a funny farming game in which you have to merge identical items to cultivate plants and erect buildings to rebuild the Mergest Kingdom.

Hundreds of years ago, The Mergest Kingdom was conquered by evil spirits and covered by the thick fog. Can you help to save this fairyland? First of all, revive the King. Your mission is to combine 2 or more identical trees, dragons, gems, and everything you see. You can recruit a royal army to help you to cut down weeds, cultivate, build the house and fight against tree monsters to conquer new territories. Complete all daily quests to level up and earn gems and coins. Try your best to conquer as many territories as possible, build the biggest building and plant the largest garden with fruitful plants.

Click to start your adventure in The Mergest Kingdom right now! There are various mysterious secrets you can explore.

Features of The Mergest Kingdom:

  • Dynamic storyline
  • Many mysterious creatures and amazing characters
  • Daily challenges to finish
  • Multiple Maps
  • Impressive graphics and catchy music tunes

How to play:

  • Use the mouse or touch control to merge items