Gold Miner


Gold Miner is the most loved classic gold mining game. The game is simple but has endless appeal. Start mining fascinating underground gold now.

You acquire gold, stones, and minerals to complete your daily goals in this game from the early 2000s. You can use the money to enhance tools like explosives, which allow you to mine more efficiently. Dig as many items as can during your journey across the country rich in treasures. To collect points faster, dig quickly, diamonds, and avoid rocks and pigs.


  • You need to aim very precisely at the target. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of time.
  • You should aim for the big gold blocks first because the time to pull them up is very long.
  • Stare at the rocks. They both waste your time and don't give you enough money to pass the level


  • The graphics are cute, and the memory game is fun.
  • Music from a video game.
  • Gold Miner is available in 26 different languages.
  • Facebook invites to play, share, and deliver explosives, gold diggers, and time are all social features.
  • Reward yourself every day.
  • When you lose, use gold bars to keep going.
  • It's a low-MB, free game that may be played offline.

How to play

  • The gameplay is very simple and easy to understand. Your tractor will move the climbing mine.
  • You need to determine the right spawn point to lower the beak to climb down. Left-click to lower the climbing beak.