Idle Farm


Join the game Idle Farm and manage your idle farm and profits to become an industrial tycoon. Focus on earning money to become a talented and rich boss.

Increase your productivity and expand your millionaire farming empire with specialized farming managers that you can level up and customize! Create your own farm right now! This tycoon simulation game combines three different simulations into one!

Are you prepared to play the role of an idle hero in this adventure game? In this farming simulator, you can drive your truck and tractor and create the farm of your dreams! Unlike other clicker games where you have to tap to level up, Idle Farm allows you to make lemonade and become wealthy. In this chicken farm game, you can become a real idle hero capitalist tycoon.


  • Automate your farm to boost your idle farming income - Profit from investing money to boost your economy and become wealthy! In this clicker game, there will be no more vegetables, only cash!
  • Each manager is equipped with a unique and upgradeable tycoon booster: Boost employee productivity! Drive your tractor and truck to make more money and become a millionaire.
  • Level up your idle billionaire simulation! Collect rewards or make fresh goods like corn and lemonade!
  • In this money and farm management simulation, collect corn, tomatoes, eggs, lemonade, and other fun resources!
  • In this tycoon game, you can earn more coins online or offline! In this chicken farm game, you can become a millionaire idle hero.
  • Consolidate your farmers, carriers, and crops! There will be no more vegetables, only money!


  • Use the left mouse button to play.