Diggy is a fun adventure game in which you have to use a hand digger to dig to the center of the earth to get as many coins as you can.

There are many hidden secrets under the Earth's surface. Get ready to start your adventure with a cute Minion right now. Try to dig as deep as possible. Aim correctly to find out hidden objectives such as coins, bombs, planes, rockets, skeletons, and so on. Try your bet to get coins as much as possible. Remember to pay attention to the energy bar. Don't forget to upgrade your equipment to support you along the way.

Come on! There are many great treasures waiting for you to explore.

Features of Diggy:

  • Many hidden objectives (coins, bombs, planes, skeletons, dinosaur eggs, and so on)
  • Excellent 2D visuals and melodic sound effects.

How to play:

  • Use your mouse to navigate your hand digger and click to dig.
  • Press an “E” key to activate the radar