Penguin Cookshop


Penguin Cookshop puts you in the role of a famous penguin with a new restaurant in the middle of Antarctica! He desperately needs your support in serving.

In the world of adorable penguins, would you like to be a restaurant bee? This is really interesting if you love the restaurant business. Here you will not receive customers to dine and serve them. Helping customers have a delicious and happy meal is your duty.

Gameplay is very simple. You will have people serving as waiters and chefs. You need to control them so that the dining activity goes smoothly and makes customers really happy when they come to your restaurant. All these activities need to be done quickly, if customers have to wait for a long time, they will get angry and leave. This you should try to avoid.

Time is money, as we learn from online leisure time management games. So, don't forget to use cash because you need to earn enough money to progress during regular working hours. Purchase various upgrades for your restaurant and watch it thrive!

How to play:

Click a customer, then an empty table to bring up a menu, then click again to order, and finally bring them food and drinks quickly.