Idle Money Tree


Idle Money Tree is a fun idle game in which you have to click to collect bags of coins on the tree. Try to collect the fastest to get a bonus and extra coins.

Trees often flower and bear fruit. However, in the Idle Money Tree game, trees will produce bags of money for you to collect.

Your mission is to grow a marvelous tree to produce an infinite number of coin bags and click to harvest them. Try to collect as much and as quickly as possible. Because if you collect quickly, you will quickly become rich!

Idle Money Tree is ideal for lovers of the idle game genre. This game is based on the billionaire simulation mechanism so that you can get rich fast to become a tree-planting app tycoon.

Tips to play

  • You should buy new types of equipment, fertilizers, and power-ups to increase your productivity.
  • You need to make full use of the powers such as faucets, fountains, lucky charms, and generators from aliens!

Features of Idle Money Tree

  • Great idle game for relaxing
  • Various power-ups and types of equipment
  • Collect extra gold coins
  • Fill the coin-extra bar to increase the received coins for each bag

How to play

  • Click on the money bags to harvest money from the tree.

How to play