Knife Attack


Knife Attack is an exciting action game in which you have to throw all knives at moving stela to proceed to the next level. Show off your dagger using skills.

Play Knife Attack online game now! Are you a professional dagger? Join the game Knife Attacks to express your knife-using skills and become the best dagger thrower!

A circular wooden plank continuously rotates and your task is to throw all the assigned knives onto the board while you have to avoid coliding the old knives and the available knives. The gameplay is simple. However, the difficulty will increase through the levels because the number of knives in the next level will be more and the wooden circle will rotate faster than it in the previous level.

There are many amazing scores already set and waiting for you to break that record. Can you score higher than our record score? If you take the time to play proficiently, this is completely possible. Good luck!

Features of Knife Attack

  • Simple mechanics and easy control
  • Various levels
  • Upgrade knives
  • Receive extra coins

How to play

  • Mouse Click.