Helix Fruit Jump


With Helix Fruit Jump you can enjoy the sweetness. There is a bouncing ball that needs to go to the bottom of the spiral tower. bounce the ball there right now.

In this addictive game, you are given a completely new type of platform to traverse. We have a spiral tower with multiple floors here. In this new version, the balls and platforms are also juicy fruits! Each floor of this spiral tower has several voids. You must find an opening for the ball to fall when starting on the first platform on the first floor.

Some tips

You must be cautious because each platform's gap is on a different part of the floor, and you must rotate the ball around the spiral tower. The tower can be rotated by clicking the left mouse button. Avoid hitting different colored parts on each floor as this will prevent you from completing the level. You should be fine unless you hit those bans and find your way through the gaps.

If you get a string of voids on the same side at the same time, you might as well break the upcoming platform! Now let's get to work and see how many levels you can get through!


  • A simple and classic game that can be played anywhere. • Colorful graphics. • A variety of Helix Fruit Jump box levels.
  • Simple gameplay with one-button controls.
  • Stunning graphics for the twisted tower maze.
  • The exciting and thrilling adventure of Spiral Fruit Jump running.
  • Crazy, addictive, and fast game experience.
  • Amazing music and powerful sound effects.
  • Jump the ball and get tied to the towering brick with Spiral Fruit Jump.

How to play

  • Rotate the helix maze using the arrow keys horizontally on the screen to lead the ball to jump over the gaps in the helix tower.