Wood Block Puzzle


Wood Block Puzzle is a fun puzzle arcade game. You need to try to drag and drop wooden blocks to place them on the playing field and create complete lines.

As technology advances, there are countless activities and fighting games with adventurous gameplay. However, these games make you feel difficult to play and you need a simple game to have fun. Come to Wood Block Puzzle game where you can experience a classic puzzle game! Your task is to arrange the wooden blocks to form complete lines of blocks to remove them. You lose if there is no room left to place the blocks on the playing field. The game mechanics are simple but challenging to master because the wooden blocks come in a variety of shapes. You need to align and calculate to put them in the most appropriate place. Use your creative strategies and winning spirit to get the highest score.

Features of Wood Block Puzzle

  • Easy mechanics and easy controls
  • Get the highest score
  • The wooden blocks with a variety of shapes


  • Drag and release to place blocks in the correct places.