Smartphone Tycoon


Smartphone Tycoon is a fun clicker business game in which you have to click to earn coins and expand your phone company by hiring more employees.

You need to transform into a boss who operates a smartphone company to create and design smartphones. Your mission is to expand your business as much as possible and come out to the top mobile company.

When starting the game, you need to select a founder between female and male and click on a menu to hire employees. The more tap you do, the more money you earn. After you collect enough money, you can design your smartphone from color, screen, and mode. Sell ​​your product to create profit. Note that you should hire a lot of employees. You can manage a company with over 29 employees and unlock cool items or accessories after levels to gain cash bonuses. Let's try to establish your empire and become the smartphone industry leader!

Features of Smartphone Tycoon

  • Exciting gameplay
  • Singleplayer

How to control

Tap/ Click to play

Release Date

Feb 02, 2022