Babel Tower


 Babel Tower is a very fun building game. Do you know this project? This is great work and very beautiful. Join this amazing game now!

 Tower of Babel is a resource management and point-and-click game in which the goal is to build the tall tower possible. Get some basic materials, such as stone or wood, and turn them into building materials! Update your tools to improve and accelerate production, and don't forget to use support tools and artifacts. Can you build the tall tower of all? Make an attempt at the Tower of Babel!


  • Rebooting your tower will reward you with Golden Bricks, which will increase your click power, production, and market price appreciation.
  • Offline time rewards can also be obtained and used to speed up the game process. Purchase special artifacts to accelerate your progress even further!


How to play

  • To mine stone, convert stone for processing, speed up brick production, cut trees, and perform other activities, click and hold the left mouse button on specific camps.
  • Sell ​​some of your resources on the Marketplace in exchange for coins that can be used to upgrade. At a certain level of advancement, the camp can perform automatic labor/production.