Hotel Tycoon Empire


Join the game Hotel Tycoon Empire and build your own resort! You can get creative and build and arrange a resort because you are a travel tycoon.

Let's start making money and becoming rich by managing and building your hotel chain now.

As a founder, you begin by operating a small motel and fighting to expand it into a large five-star hotel with a variety of luxurious guest rooms and leisure facilities such as cafes, swimming pools, gyms, restaurants, casinos, a spa, a massage parlor, and more! Upgrade your facilities, provide delectable meals and beverages, expand the gym, cafe, restaurant, and swimming pool, keep the rooms clean, and construct competitive suites.


  • Begin by running a small hotel and work hard to expand your business. Enhance every detail to transform your humble installations into a five-star resort.
  • Increase the size of your hotel rooms, add luxurious furniture and outstanding decoration, improve all amenities and comfort, and provide your guests with the best leisure activities.
  • Run all possible hotels and spend your revenue wisely to expand your empire. Set up the ideal hotel staff and manage services more effectively.
  • Be the ideal host for your guests by upgrading your facilities, providing selectable meals and drinks, expanding the pool, keeping rooms clean, and improving competitive suites. Profit from your idle time by reinvesting your earnings in a business with a long-term vision.


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