Burger Clicker


In the Burger Clicker game, just click on the burger to start earning. Upgrade your menu and services to become the richest burger maker in the world.

Play the entertaining Burger Clicker game right now. Simply click on burgers to begin earning money in your new restaurant venture. Upgrade your menu and services as you rise to the position of the world's richest burger maker. Increase the size of your restaurant from a small burger stands to a multinational corporation. A fun incremental game with delectable and enticing treats and profits.

With this business clicker tycoon game, you can run your own burger and fast food restaurant! Create your own burger restaurant and start earning money right away in this idle clicker app! In this burger restaurant game for idle money, start with restaurant management and work your way up to becoming a rich billionaire! Develop your burger chef into a wealthy and successful master chef! Make yourself the richest burger billionaire!


  • Remember that you will have to click and tap at the start of this restaurant management game to set up your food business.
  • Purchasing our Auto Tap (Automatic Mining Machine) will make you wealthy!


  • At the beginning of this restaurant management game, you will have to click and tap to set up the food business.