Idle Hero: Counter Terrorist


Idle Hero: Counter Terrorist is a fun and exciting shooting idle game. You have to save cities by exterminating all terrorists hiding in buildings.

The intro of Idle Hero: Counter Terrorist

Your mission is to spend money on heroes to eliminate all terrorists lurking in buildings. Characters such as the radioman, shotgunner, shooter, grenadier, and sniper all have distinct responsibilities and characteristics. Make conscious decisions about purchasing characters to eliminate all opponents and save money.

This game features a variety of maps and structures. When you've completed a task in one building, you'll move on to the next. You'll move on to the next city once you've completed all of the buildings in this one. And so forth. Demonstrate your abilities and skills by completing all stages and saving cities! Good lucks!

The story of the game

With Idle Hero: Counter Terrorist, you may fight terrorists and defend countries! Create creative techniques and eliminate the evil guys to save the world's most populated cities! Replace lost personnel swiftly and command a self-sustaining army of six individuals.

The initial buildings begin with a few terrorists that you will have little trouble dealing with. Quick calculations and foresight will be necessary since you will only have seconds to determine what to do with the restricted quantity of money you get from your adversaries. You will go to the next building with whatever many guys you have.

You have time to add new players before starting the next combat. Increase the number of your warriors and wait for them to assume their positions before launching the attack. If you don't wait long enough, your adversaries will strike before your soldiers can. At the conclusion of each city, you will face your enemy in the city's most iconic place and be asked to defend it. These levels will be more challenging than the others, but you can attempt again at any time.


  • Use your mouse to play.