Idle Hero: Counter Terrorist


 Idle Hero: Counter Terrorist is a fun and exciting shooting idle game. You have to save cities by exterminating all terrorists hiding in buildings.

 Your mission is to spend money on heroes to eliminate all terrorists lurking in buildings. Characters such as the radioman, shotgunner, shooter, grenadier, and sniper all have distinct responsibilities and characteristics. Make conscious decisions about purchasing characters to eliminate all opponents and save money. This game features a variety of maps and structures. When you've completed a task in one building, you'll move on to the next. You'll move on to the next city once you've completed all of the buildings in this one. And so forth. Demonstrate your abilities and skills by completing all stages and saving cities! Good lucks!

Features of Idle Hero: Counter Terrorist

  • Fantastic and fun idle game
  • Multiple levels with many different challenges
  • Various characters and maps

Release Date

  • Feb 21, 2022