Idle Zoo


Idle Zoo is a clicker game where you have to restore the old zoo to its former glory! Bring back a bunch of new animals and improve the environment.

If you enjoy going to the zoo, I'm sure you'll enjoy this game. Begin with an animal park, then welcome new visitors, earn money, and upgrade it to your dream zoo!

A zoo would be incomplete without cute animals. Beginning with a penguin cage, you can quickly earn more money and invest in new animals such as zebras, antelopes, flamingos, crocodiles, and more. To ensure that you earn enough money to buy more exotic animals, keep upgrading what you already have and clicking!
You can also upgrade the entire zoo, with a variety of options available. Conduct research, add babies, run advertisements, improve conditions, and increase the overall capacity of your operations and logistics to generate more revenue per minute. All of this is possible by clicking on the zoo's entrance.


  • Make a fortune as a zoo tycoon.
  • Bring a wide range of animals to your zoo.
  • Upgrade and enhance your zoo.
  • Earn money with various bonuses.

Release date

June 6, 2021.


Inlogic Software.


  • Your primary goal is to restore old zoos.
  • Restore habitats in the zoo to generate income, upgrade items in your administrative building to increase your income, and research new animals to build in the next level.