Eco inc. Save The Earth Planet


Eco Inc. Save The Earth Planet is a great environmental game where you have to perform solutions to solve all environmental problems in regions over the world.

This game aims to raise people's awareness of environmental issues through a fantastic blend of entertainment and education. You have to look into the various locations and the difficulties they confront and keep track of how the environment is faring in each region of the world. In case of environmental occurrences, you have to execute and integrate environmental initiatives, assign volunteers, and catch wildlife poachers, commercial trawlers, and traffickers to resolve all adverse issues to the ecosystem.

Natural disasters and humanity are wreaking havoc on our earth, and we need effective solutions. Let's play this game to learn about cutting-edge eco-friendly technologies and brainstorm new solutions.

The mechanics are so simple and easy to control. Moreover, it is suitable for all ages. Let's start this game now to learn and know more about environmental projects!

Features of Eco inc. Save The Earth Planet

  • Fun and meaningful gameplay
  • Various problems and incidents
  • Simple mechanics
  • Game First created ECO inc.Save the Earth Planet

Last Updated: August 26, 2022

Platform: Web browser, Android and iOS.

How to control

  • Scroll Mouse = zoom in / zoom out
  • Left-click = interact with the in-game button