Erase It


Erase It is a fun puzzle game. When you look at something and think something is wrong. And you can get rid of anything that does not seem right.

Welcome to the world of puzzles based on the puzzle theme! Your mission is to erase the piece to complete the task of each level.

Make things operate flawlessly in Remove it! When you look at something, you can assume something is wrong with it. Then you probably like to delete everything that seems out of place. You now have the opportunity to make everything seem in position properly, so get to work!

You will be shown a succession of photographs in this entertaining game. As you may have suspect, there is something wrong with these images. Some little element does not appear to fit, or, more importantly, something appears to be missing. So, pay attention to what the explanations or commands above the images tell you. In some images, you will be asked to discover what is wrong with the image, while in others, you will be asked to find a concealed object. In these circumstances, you should use your cursor to delete portions of the artwork.

For example, if you're looking for a concealed object, you should attempt erasing other things until you discover the right one. Other chores will require you to use your wits to figure out the wordplay in the instruction and delete items suitably. Now, grab your eraser and have some relaxing fun with this simple game!

Some notes when playing

There are various interesting levels with many different challenges and puzzles to explore and experience in this game. Although you may find the first level to be very basic, there are many more difficult levels to be found in the game! To solve all of the problems, you'll need to use your imagination and your mental faculties to their full potential. Let's take this quiz to see how brilliant you are!

The mechanics are enjoyable and simple to play, this game will keep you entertained for hours. You only have to touch the screen and drag your finger or move your mouse to erase the drawing's party and expose what's underneath.

Features of Erase It

  • Fun and interesting game
  • Enjoyable and simple mechanics
  • Various levels

How to play

  • Touch the screen and drag your finger or move your mouse to erase