18 Wheeler Truck Parking 2


18 Wheeler Truck Parking 2 is exciting truck driving game with many different levels. Use your big vehicle to perform parking missions across America.

In this truck-driving game, you may explore a range of levels that are jam-packed with driving and exciting difficulties. But reality will dictate the circumstances you face. You'll have to navigate crowded streets, leave your car in challenging spots, and do it all without causing any damage to the car.

Complete parking missions in your big truck around America in 18 Wheeler Truck Parking 2! Park 18 Wheelers at diverse locations across the world as you collect stars to finish the stages with the best score possible.

You probably don't realize how difficult it is to park an 18-wheeler. You may check your skills right away! In this game, you receive a giant truck, lots of goals, and busy little roads.

After the work is complete, the blue arrow over your automobile directs you to the following parking space. You should follow the arrow in your automobile to get there. For parking spots, the terms "front" and "behind" are used. Once you've parked, follow them to the following place. Search the area and find all three stars to earn additional points. Maintain a high tracking health to stay safe and explore all maps.

How to play

Use the mouse to move, be a fun player.