2048 is a numbers game played on a simple fun addictive 4x4 grid. If you like numbers games then this is the perfect game for you in your spare time.

2048 is played on a simple 4×4 grid, with numbered tiles that you can slide and move with the four arrow keys. After each slide, a random new number tile appears in an empty position on the chessboard with a value of 2 or 4. The tiles will slide as far as they can in the chosen direction until they are blocked by another tile or the grid's edge. If two tiles with the same number collide while moving, they will merge into one tile with the sum of the two tile's values.

In the same move, the resulting cell cannot be merged with another cell. Higher-scoring cells emit soft light; the highest possible cell score is 131,072.

If a move causes three consecutively aligned tiles with the same value to slide together, then only the two furthest tiles along the motion direction will combine, not 3. In the case of If all four spaces are empty. in a row or column filled with cells of the same value, a move parallel to that row/column will add up the first two cells and the last two cells. The scoreboard is in the upper right so you can easily keep track of your score. The user's score starts at 0 and is incremented when two cells combine, by the value of the new cell.

How to play

  • Using the arrow of the slide.