2D Dank Racing


2D Dank Racing is a fun driving game for those who like adventure. Grab your car and drive through the mountains, overtaking strong opponents to win.

Start the car and lower the lights in 2D Dark Racing. Get in your jeep and travel over the mountains. Be cautious though. It is dark and there are many enemies. Can you succeed no matter what the situation?

In the dark, turn on your engine and lights, compete with everyone else, and prevail. Compete with speedy riders in tight turns and challenging hills. In order to continue playing, gather gas. Perform front and back flips to earn money and purchase upgrades.

You have 30 levels in this racing game to finish. Your objective at each of these 30 levels should be to be the first Jeep to cross the finish line. You may move around the mountain by using. Jump with the spacebar, then shift to turn on nitro speed. Try to finish full spins while avoiding the gaps to get extra money. You may use that money to unlock better vehicles for the garage that perform better. To find out where you stand, keep an eye on the indicator at the top of the screen. Now let's put your capacity to succeed at the end of this journey to the test!

How to play

Use mouse to move, be the best player. Have fun playing.