4wd Off-Road Driving Sim


4wd Off-Road Driving Sim is very attractive driving game. Test your driving skills by passing every level, prove yourself as the best driver in the world.

Take on challenging road shapes and hefty loads with 4WD Off-Road Driving Sim! Use your car to transport your clients out of the city and into the forest. Fill your truck with barrels and boxes to keep them safe throughout the bumpy trip to your destination.

Anyone may operate luxurious race cars, but only experienced drivers can operate a large truck on an off-road trip. Although some of the tasks may seem a little difficult at first, you will quickly become used to the controls. Unlike city races, these missions don't need speed; instead, you're supposed to convey the goods safely. Drive carefully as a result, and don't be afraid to stop when you need a break.

Use the paths and highways through the mountains to get to the finish line. As you go through the stages, you could unlock additional vehicles. Experiment with all the different cars and road layouts to see what works for you. When it's raining, be extra careful and consider the weather. Pay attention to road signs to avoid crashes. Complete stages without dropping any boxes or barrels to gain three stars and the stage's highest score.


  • Gorgeous scenery
  • Excellent 3D graphics
  • Vehicle unlocking
  • Thirty difficult levels

How to play

Use mouse to move, be the best player.