Among Impostor Collapse


Among Impostor Collapse is a fun arcade puzzle game with impostors graphics. Your task is to collapse blocks of the same color to complete the level.

Impostor Collapse is a straightforward game. Locate groups of at least two identical blocks and click on them to remove them from the screen; the more blocks you can remove with a single click, the better. New block lines are added at the bottom, so be careful not to let them reach the top and hit the ceiling, as this will result in a loss and a restart.

Try to see how far you can get as the levels can increase indefinitely as long as you don't lose a person, and don't be afraid to share your score with other players in the comments so you can compare. Compare your results to theirs. Have fun!


  • Among Impostor Collapse is a game that requires fast observation so you will have an advantage if your observation skills are good.
  • You can invite your friends or relatives to play. That way you can watch with them and the level will quickly end.

How to play

  • You use the mouse and click on 2 boxes with the same color image of the character Among to remove them from the game screen.