Ant Destroyer 2


Ant Destroyer 2 is an interesting game of the Click genre. Your task is to use your finger to destroy the ants that appear on the screen. Have fun.

Take control of your finger Tap all the ants that appear on the screen before they leave the screen. However, be very careful, and do not touch the red ants, they are very dangerous poisonous ants. Do you often kill ants by touching them? If you find this interesting, don't hesitate to play this fun game right away!

Ant Destroyer 2 is a game with extremely simple but addictive gameplay. Many players love this game and many records have been set. Do you want to become an ant killer? Let's try to break our record!


  • It's very simple to play.
  • Pre-rendered 3D graphics are stunning.
  • Realistic 3D animations that are breathtaking.
  • There are seven distinct game modes.
  • Seven Leaderboards in the Game Center.
  • For children, there are an infinite number of game modes to choose from.
  • A fantastic game for children and babies.
  • Cool nature music in the background.
  • In the big bonus "combo" of the Slasher / Weight modality.
  • The gameplay in defense is very inventive.
  • Various backgrounds.


  • Use your mouse to play.