Arrow Count Master


Arrow Count Master is a fascinating game. Select as many windows to increase the number of arrows you have. Earn coins so you can use them to buy new skins.

Take out a devastating attack in Arrow Count Master by gathering your arrows! A war that combines physical and tactical attacks is taking place with you. Grab your arrow, follow your instincts, and try to kill the warriors of the enemy!

You will be doing this throughout the duration of the game, so you must have the ability to think swiftly under pressure. On a platform covered in moving or fixed portals, you will shoot your arrow or arrows towards the target. Since these portals are not regular things, you cannot just pass through them. Mathematical procedures have been performed on each of these items. You have complete discretion over whether to use these portals. You need to be aware that the amount of arrows you have will vary based on how you finish the four steps on the entrance portals you select.

Try to have as many arrows on hand at the conclusion to increase your score. To spice up your game and collect daily rewards, you may pick up different arrow skins and use them in the sign area. If you enjoy trying new things, try the devil mode faster! Since you may spend money to buy new skins, collecting coins is essential. Have fun and come play with us!

How to play

Use the mouse to move you can also win.