Balls Sorting Deluxe


Balls Sorting Deluxe is a fun puzzle game with many levels. Your task is to arrange the balls so that it has the same color, and get the highest score.

A puzzle game is called Balls Sorting Deluxe. Each level requires you to sort all four of the same balls into the tanks. Here are two varying degrees of difficulty for you to choose from easy and hard. Some simple sorting problems with fewer balls and more tanks may be found in Easy mode. You will have more balls and fewer tanks to sort through on hard mode. While playing this strategic sorting game, goodies like more tanks and +1000 points are available.

The puzzle game Ball Sort Puzzle is enjoyable and compelling! Try to arrange colored balls in tubes so that each tube contains only balls of the same hue. A brain-training game that's both hard and soothing!

The rule is that you can only transfer one ball on top of another if both balls are the same color and the tube you wish to move inside has adequate room. Touch any tube to move the ball on top of one tube to another. Try to avoid becoming stuck just relax you can always go back and try again.The tubes in this game however are actually boxes filled with colorful balls. You must arrange all the bubbles according to color.

How to play

You use the keyboard to move. Wish you solve many puzzles and get high score.