Black Holeio


Black Holeio is a fascinating game in which you control a black hole that collects everything you come across. By collecting them you can defeat other players.

It's time to eat the entire city in Black Holeio right now! Enjoy expanding while you eat. A black hole is under your control. You are welcome to explore the city at your leisure.

There are now black holes in the city! But relax you are not the intended victim! Your black hole can be strengthened. The goal of this game is to grow into the largest hole possible before the time runs out. You may begin the game after entering your name. You won't be the only hole in the city when the game begins because it's a multiplayer online game.

You should thus be cautious around them. At first, you are the tiniest person. You should ingest numerous objects including automobiles, lights, post boxes, and even people strolling around the city to widen your black hole! You will get larger and accumulate points as you eat. Take caution! You should attempt to stay away from other players since if you are smaller than them, they could devour you too.

You may consume other players and even structures as you develop. However, there is a time restriction, and the top of the screen lets you see how much time is left and your score. Use your mouse to maneuver the hole through the city. You can locate a variety of foods to consume, but avoid acting as the other people's hook. Have fun and good luck!

How to play

Use mouse to move, have fun playing.