Black Stallion Cabareti


Black Stallion Cabareti is a fun ship-driving game that aids in preventing monster attacks. Protecting dancers who are crossing the nation is your aim.

If you have an armored train, why do you need anything else? Yes, an entire train car of adorable dancers! Get them to explore the entire nation while supplying urbanites with entertainment, enhancing your railway, and halting monster incursions.

You must combine items you make in the workshop in the game's main mode to advance dancers, weaponry, and the workshop. You'll need weapons to protect yourself from the various enemies you'll encounter along the road. The combat is automated. There is a horde of creatures that must be annihilated in 30 seconds. Dancers are hired to perform in public places.

Black Stallion Cabaret's "Save the Day" Preparedness! As they are trapped in their cabaret, a group of dancers are being followed by deadly beasts. Board your train and come and get them. Can you take them to a safe place?

This game has a variety of facades for your pleasure. Your main goal is to use a train to move the cabaret dancers to a safer area in order to save them. While doing this, you must utilize the portion of the train that creates supplies for you to use.

These instruments may be used to defend oneself, and you need to figure out a merge issue in order to get better weaponry. Use these weapons to attack the monsters who are pursuing you. If you manage to shoot them with your weapons, you can go on battling on your way to a safe place. Let's assess your potential in this thrilling voyage right away!


  • Dazzling 2D graphics.
  • Obtaining bonuses.
  • Games with narratives.
  • Playing a puzzle game while reading an adventure story.

How to play

Use mouse to move, be the best player. good luck.