Bloo Kid 2


Bloo Kid 2 is likened to combination of Bubble Bobble and Super Mario. Master the fierce battle as you progress through twelve levels across five vast kingdoms.

In Bloo Kid 2, we're looking for someone to embark on an adventure with. Do you think it may be you? The qualifications that we need? Someone has the strength to fend off a cunning magician. Are you ready to embark on an adventure that will be rocky, full of creatures, and maybe even dangerous? Afterward, enter the maw of death!

The system was running without a hitch. Until a nemesis from the past paid a visit. They welcomed a child just as our hero and Pink Girl started to enjoy their lives! Nevertheless, when the evil wizard visited our sweet couple and kidnapped their baby girl, adventure arrived at their door from the bloo.

If you think you have what it takes to set off on a mission and defeat the evil sorcerer, we should leave right away. In this retro-style platformer game, you must sprint, swim, and leap your way through five distinct worlds to complete all of the levels. Numerous enemies are prowling the neighborhood. You can beat them by jumping on them, but at all costs, keep your distance!

If they do, you'll lose a life. Complete the level with all of the stars before the timer runs out to get extra stars. A treasure chest could occasionally be found while traveling. Get on it to see the stars and, who knows, maybe even more life. You may see your lives and the stars you've acquired at the top of the screen. Good luck!

How to play

Be the best player by using the mouse to maneuver.