Bon Voyage


Bon Voyage is a very attractive puzzle game. The game has 500 levels from easy to difficult, you will experience all the countries if you pass the levels.

You're invited to join Bon Voyage for a fun international dating experience. Instead of spending your miles to tour the globe, how about utilizing your matching abilities? So prepare your bags and passport for a trip you won't soon forget! Your mission in this entertaining matching game is to complete each difficult level by accomplishing its level objectives, much as in other games of similar type. You are limited to a specific number of movements. Therefore, make a strategy to leave some movements, or additional points, behind before you start matching all the lovely symbols. To remove them from the board, you must match three of the identical items. However, if you are able to match 4 or more, you'll receive some adorable powerups and explosives that may be used to clear an entire row or color! Keep in mind that you receive more stars the more points you have.

You will be strolling around some of the most well-known places in the world while playing a pleasant game of matching. We refer to that as killing two birds with one stone. A wonderful time! If you like this game give it a try.

How to play

Use mouse to move, i always hope you are the winner.