Cake and Candy Business Tycoon


Play Cake and Candy Business Tycoon game to become the richest candy maker tycoon. What do you think about creating your own confectionery production model?

This is a great idea to get started now.

What will you do if you are given the task of managing your family's confectionery production line? Grow your business, earn more money, and invest in your factory to become a confectionery tycoon. This is something you can do in our free online game Cake and Candy Business Tycoon! Do you want to make a fortune in the game? Then begin playing right away! If you enjoy idle clicker tycoon games. Start playing now if you want to be a candy billionaire in this simulator.


  • You can earn a lot of money by opening new candy products, improving equipment, and opening new cash registers. With the money you
    earn, you can improve the factory and raise the wages of your employees, increasing your overall income.
  • Upgrade your candy factory's production lines to increase output.
  • In the idle candy tycoon game, hire a manager to automate the process and earn as much money as you can.


  • Print offline tycoon simulator, upgrade your candy factory.
  • Automate your factory processes to generate idle cash.
  • To earn more money in the idle candy tycoon simulator, you must be able to hire managers and improve their skills.
  • In this idle candy tycoon simulator, you can invest and become a billionaire.

How to play

  • To interact with the items, use the left mouse button.