Candy Match 2


Candy Match 2 is an arcade game based on the puzzle theme. Clear candies following the mission of each level by matching at least 3 candies of the same colour.

In this game, your task is to clear the same candies by moving their positions to form a horizontal or vertical row of 3 candies of the same colour. You can create rows of more than 3 candies to create special combos and multiply power-ups. You can connect 4 of the same candies to form Line Blast. Line Blast helps you kill in a row when activated. If you form a right angle after matching 5 same candies, you will get Cross Blast which helps you to destroy the surrounding area after use. You can also create Magical Circles by connecting 6 of the same candies. Magical Circle helps you destroy all the same candies on the playing screen when you match a candy with the Magical Circle. In particular, you can clear all candies by connecting two Magical Circles. In addition, you can unlock 4 boosters. The reposition arrow helps you to change the position of two candies that are close to each other. The magic stick helps you to change the position of any two candies and 2 rockets horizontally and vertically. You can destroy a whole row of candies using these two boosters.

There are many different levels of difficulty. You may be asked to collect enough candies or destroy ice and honey platforms. To destroy the ice platform, you also remove the candy next to it. Frozen candies cannot move. Honey platforms can be broken by destroying the candies on the platform.

Features of Candy Match 2

  • Colourful graphics and cool effects
  • Level up
  • Various power-ups and boosters

How to play

  • Use your mouse to move