Candy Rain 7


Candy Rain 7 is a fascinating puzzle game published by SOFTGAMES. In this game, you need to connect 3 of the same candies at least to remove them.

Welcome to Candy Rain 7 game! This is the 7th version of the popular Candy Rain series. This entertainment game was launched in July 2022 by SOFTGAMES, Mobile Entertainment Services GmbH. Coming to this game, you have the opportunity to experience countless different levels. The match 3 game has 7 consecutive parts for you to experience. With this 7th version, we confidently bring you new features. You can play with more levels, more candies, more waffles, and more treasure chests. Besides, you can also enjoy the amazing saga map. The images of the candy factory come to life in each area of ​​the map. Conquer each level of this entertaining game!

Rules of Candy Rain 7

On each level, you have to find and connect 3 candies of the same color to destroy them. Each level gives you a request. For example, level 1 requires you to collect 15 blue candies. In level 2, you need to collect 30 red candies. Please complete each different mission to conquer as many levels as possible. In addition, you can get rewards, especially treasure chests.

Combos and Boosters

Moreover, you can use amazing combos and boosters to create amazing effects. You can perform 3 different combos, including

  • Match 4 candies for a line Blast. Line Blast can be vertically or horizontally. They have the effect of removing all candies in that row or column after activation.
  • Create a strong Cross Blast by connecting 5 candies together. However, these candies must form a right angle. When you activate this Cross Blast, there is an explosion that occurs in the surrounding 9 candies.
  • Match 5 candies to create a Spiral Bomb. Combine a Spiral Bomb with any candy to collect all the same type of candy on the playing screen.

Moreover, you can combine combos together to create magic. You can combine two line Blast, combine the line Blast and cross Blast or match 2 Cross Blasts. You can also combine the Spiral Bomb and a line Blast, the Spiral Bomb and a Cross Blast, or 2 Spiral Bombs for a big surprise. Each combination gives you great effects.

Finally, you can use boosters. These boosters will be locked. You can unlock the first booster at level 7. Subsequent boosters will be unlocked one by one. There are 4 different boosters. You can swap candies with the Swap Booster. You can break candies with the Hammer Booster. Besides, there are 2 Star Boosters. When activating this booster, you will be able to remove 1 row or 1 column of candy.