City Ambulance Car Driving


City Ambulance Car Driving is a city car driving game. Your goal is to transport the injured to the hospital as soon and safely as possible.

While you are driving an ambulance around the city and reacting to any incidents you come across on the road, the patient needs to be sent to the hospital as quickly as possible with the assistance of the ambulance. Because there are cars in the city, you can turn on your ambulance's sirens and maneuver between them. This is a quicker route to the hospital's emergency room. Being mindful not to shake the ambulance while the patient is inside demonstrates competence as an ambulance driver. The patient's condition will determine whether you can drive.

Patients must be saved in order to win the game. As soon as you can, get the patients to the emergency room so you may get your prize for being a great ambulance driver. As a result, ambulance 2022, a social networking and entertainment platform, develops even further by developing its own levels and simulations.

In this ambulance game, patients are positioned in certain places. The driver's responsibility is to create an ambulance and deliver each patient to their destination. These take a certain amount of time to finish. The ambulance driver must thus have exceptional control. You're invited to participate in the ambulance game, which has a potential of becoming popular.

How to play

use mouse to move, I hope you are the best driver because you type fastest.