Color Tunnel 2


Color Tunnel 2 is a fun game in which you have to keep running through a tunnel with eye catching visuals. Use your controller to avoid the red obstacles.

In Color Tunnel 2, the vivid and breathtaking journey continues where the first game left off. Get ready to go into an endless tunnel filled with constantly shifting hues. Make an effort to last as long as you can to get a good score. Do you think there is any future hope?

It's hard to get through this tunnel since there are so many obstacles on its path. The objective of this game is somewhat similar to that of the previous one. You take control of a ball and try to maneuver it as far as possible while evading different obstructions. Pick the play option from the main menu to start the game. Your ball advances automatically, but you must adjust its direction using the arrow keys to avoid running into the obstacles and walls.

Since these obstacles move swiftly, you should use your hand-eye coordination. Make snap decisions and try to last as long as you can.

Your score is shown at the very top of the screen. For each second that goes by, you get points. The game also has a number of challenges. Simply click the trophy symbol to display them. For finishing them, you are rewarded with diamonds and stars. These may be used to unlock the many ball variations found in the in game store. Have fun and good luck!

How to play

Use mouse to move, you can also win.