Count Master 3D


Count Master 3D exciting arcade game. Let's start by controlling multiple castles. To increase the power of soldiers' attacks, you can equip them with more.

Let's start by taking ownership of many castles. Just drag the formula below to add soldiers. You can equip your warriors with more powerful weapons to power up their attacks.

Count Master 3D is a test of arithmetic skills! You can always question how you will apply what you learn in class to the real world. Now is the time to use your math ability to succeed in this game. Now can you solve the mystery?

To win this number game, you must find the puzzle in the most efficient way. Your goal in each level will be to overpower the enemy's forces and enter their castle. You must have as many stickmen in hand as possible to overwhelm your opponent in force. You can conquer their castle faster when you have more people in your party.

You are allowed to use virtual gates and math operations to multiply the number of sticks to achieve this goal. Portals can be placed in front of any stickman group and anywhere you choose. Just be careful to use as many warriors as possible and behave strategically!

How to play

Use mouse to move, you can also win.