Crazy Falling Ball


Crazy Falling Ball is challenging game, you have to change the direction the ball to keep it from deflecting. The maximum speed at which the ball will descend.

How far can you play Crazy Falling Ball before you tumble off the platform? You will enjoy this downhill game for a lot of time since it is very addicting. But it is a difficult one. So be ready to start a tense but enjoyable game right away!

You have an unending platform to play on in this game. The ball will begin gliding on the ramps between the platforms as soon as it hits the ground. The ball gains speed when it strikes the flat square. The rotation of the ball may be changed by clicking your mouse. Your ball will turn toward the approaching ramp with each click. All of these ramps in between the flat platforms vary in their steepness.

The fact that the ball changes pace so frequently simply makes matters more difficult. As a result, you must click on the mouse at the exact moment the ball needs to turn toward the next ramp. Don't turn onto the following ramp too quickly or slowly. By consistently giving this difficult game your best effort, attempt to surpass your previous best score!

Despite having unimpressive aesthetics, the game may win you over after just one play. You may use it to pass the time and unwind in your leisure time. It is also appropriate for people of all ages, particularly children and families. To find out how many steps you can climb, click the game.

How to play

Use mouse to move, be the best player.