Crazy Tunnel 3D


Crazy Tunnel 3D is a fun running game where the object is to control the ball to avoid dangerous hazards and roll as far as possible on an endless trajectory.

In Crazy Tunnel 3D, you'll find yourself in the center of the universe! It's time for you to let the fascinating beauty of space consume you. Now that you have spun around halfway around their orbits, the sun, stars, and massive planets are waiting for you!

This is a fantastic game of baseball that will send you into another realm. Throughout the stages, you will mostly follow the sun's and other planets' orbits. The difficult aspect is that the route is littered with hazards. You must thus figure out how to get through these obstacles in 5 separate courses. Your journey will include an instructional level.

You can see that by completing these five distinct courses, you will be employing various strategies to avoid the obstacles. You may change lanes when you come across a spike, slide about the orbit, and leap over the rings. To be able to access the nebula level and the dark moon level, you must complete your orbit around the Sun. Simply avoid hitting any obstacles and see how long you can go through the stages in this incredibly captivating game!

Explore the cosmos right now by playing this game. You can put your reflexes to the test at this time. This game will make you feel tense and anxious with its fantastic graphics, lovely themes, and remarkable pace.

How to play

Use the mouse to move, experience all the roads offline.