Crowd Lumberjack


Crowd Lumberjack is a simple and fun game to entertain you in your spare time. Join now to renovate the island houses and harvest wood to build modern houses.

Your main task in this game is to help the characters on the farm harvest trees in the forest to get wood to build big and beautiful houses. Try to collect as much wood as possible. Then, use the amount of wood to build unique buildings. When you build enough buildings on those vacant lots, you will level up and level up. With simple gameplay, vivid sound, and eye-catching graphics, you will feel like you are on a deserted island that humans have not yet explored. At that time, you will be the one to help the people here build a beautiful and developed island.

The game gives players a feeling of great excitement and satisfaction when we can conquer the unspoilt island with a lot of trees to build modern buildings. Just work hard to cut down trees, and accumulate enough wood, and you will do great things. To explore faster, pay attention to the gray people, you control your character close to them to help them join the tree-cutting community to build a house. As more people participate, the speed of cutting trees as well as the speed of building buildings will be much faster. Play now for moments of fun!

Features of Crowd Lumberjack:

  • Addictive gameplay
  • The 3D stickman with realistic ragdolls
  • Easy, fluid one-finger control
  • Sharp, informal graphics
  • Develop a team by upgrading your stickmen lumberjacks
  • Create the city of your dreams
  • Amazing gifts and awards

How to play

  • On the computer: Drag your mouse or use WASD to move Cut trees and build
  • On the phone: Swipe across the screen to move and cut trees and build