Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour


Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour is an exciting racing game with beautiful graphics, going around the roads. Show your driving skills by passing every level! Begin?

Are you ready to pull off amazing acrobatics in Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour? Although you are a well-known motorcyclist, what makes you unique is your reckless stunt riding. Everyone is in awe of you while you are showcasing your exquisite motions. So get back on your motorcycle and demonstrate your prowess as a rider!

You may get several precise road maps in this game. You have to explore dangerous and isolated areas by climbing up steep ledges, leaping enormous distances into the air, doing air flips, and other such actions. The best feature is that you may be rewarded for your amazing stunt performances.

Your main goal is to finish the road as soon as possible at each step. As a result, you can always keep an eye on the clock that is shown in the screen's top right corner. You may spend your money to accelerate and tilt for a smoother ride and quicker road completion. The fact that you can unlock new motorcycles with the in-game money you have earned is fantastic. A level's successful completion also unlocks other levels with brand-new stories. Riding carefully will let you see as many levels as possible. Get on the bike now!


  • Vibrant 3D graphics
  • Different tiers
  • Features that can be changed on the car
  • Unlocking motorcycles
  • Roadmaps that are addicting to navigate

How to play

Use mouse to move, be the best player.