Downhill Chill


Downhill Chill is a really fascinating game for those who love to skate. Now you can compete like the good guys go downhill and freely show your abilities.

Set yourself free from the mountaintops in Downhill Chill! You have a gift for ice skating, and now you may show it off in a number of downhill contests. Be prepared to skate around the entire rink by reserving your position on the starting line. Can you outrun your rivals and win several races?

In this game, you will be able to freely glide downward. Turn your character by simply releasing the starting point. On the ice, there are a number of gates and ramps. For every gate you pass through, you will score one extra point. The ramps on the opposite side give you the chance to flip and fly to great heights. You'll pick up speed if you land precisely.

There are 25 mountains on the map, and each one has different levels. These steps lead you down the mountain one at a time. Each stage's route map is different. You can try to knock down your opponents if they skate close to you. Start playing this game right now, and as you move across the mountains, try to complete every level.


  • 3D, vibrant graphics
  • Compulsive road map
  • Difficult gameplay
  • User-friendly controls
  • Several levels to complete

How to play

use mouse to move you can also win, be the best skater.