Draw And Save Stickman


Draw And Save Stickman is a painting game that asks you to protect Stickman from various dangers and pitfalls. Prepare yourself to save the stickman from the enemy.

You want to see how sharp, creative, or good a sketcher you are. Do you want to play a new, unique puzzle game? Draw and Save Stickman is the title of the game you need. Stickman has to be protected from a variety of traps and dangers, therefore draw drawings. Different types of thinking will be needed at each stage. Predicting the threat's origin will let us start putting up barriers.

Help a helpless stickman by drawing him in Draw and Save Stickman! Because stickmen are so little compared to the rest of us, there are times when even simple activities may leave them in desperate need of help. Because of this, get ready to save this stickman from a number of problems.

This game consists of 50 stages, each of which offers a unique challenge. These levels have put the stickman in a tough spot, and he needs to act very cunningly to get himself out. There is only one problem, he cannot save himself. As a result, prepare ready and be willing to use your drawing skills to assist him. The stickman will be perched on a platform, prepared to periodically tumble onto a lava pit and into a shark's gaping mouth. You must draw lines that will keep the stickman in place in order to stop him from being hurt. To test if you can save him, let's attempt fifty alternative situations.

How to play

Use mouse to move, be the best player, the most powerful hero.