Draw The Bridge


 Draw The Bridge is an adventure game where you have to draw the bridges to help cars can reach their destinations. You have to face many struggling terrains.

 Come to the game, your task is to help the vehicles go to their destinations. You need to draw the bridges to help them move to the finish line safely. Drag the mouse to draw the lines. You have to observe the terrains first, then you draw the bridges. Keep in your mind that the bride shouldn’t be longer than the distance from the vehicles to the destination. Don’t let the vehicles suck in the head of bridges. Sometimes, you need to draw the bridges which prevent the vehicles move too far from the destination. 

 With classic gameplay and vivid graphics, the game will attract you. Come to the game and help the vehicles cross the dangerous paths. You can challenge yourself on many different levels. 

 Features of Draw The Bridge 

  • Easy to control and simple gameplay
  • Fun and exciting game with many levels
  • Suitable for all the age groups 

 How to control

  • Drag the mouse to draw