Drift Car Extreme Simulator


Drift Car Extreme Simulator exciting driving game. It's time to speed up and do your craziest drifting maneuvers! For a high income, become the best driver!

Prepare to drift and manage your drift car in Game Tap's Drift Vehicle Extreme Simulator. Play the most popular drift game of 2020 using the real-world simulator. To compete in drift racing, you need to have a lot of guts! Experience the thrill of anticipation in the most realistic mobile racing game. Drive CarX to enjoy the ultimate drift racing in a realistic car simulator.

Utilize high-performance automobiles to reach new high speeds in this great driving game. Playing drift racing games can help you get better at driving sports cars. The most captivating driving simulation for fans of drift vehicles, with a handbrake button specifically designed for basic drifting By torching the tires, you may transform your car into a drifter and create doughnut paintings.

You can go all the way with Drift Car Extreme Simulator! You acquire the most luxurious automobiles and suffer from a drifting fever. What else are you waiting for? Drive to the open spaces once you've gotten into your car. It's time to speed and do your most daring drift tricks!

This drifting game is a wonderful simulation. Due to the realistic 3D images, you will feel as though you are watching an action movie. You have the chance to increase the variety of autos accessible by customizing your car.

Improve the tires, fuel capacity, brakes, speed, and speed of your vehicle. As a consequence, your trip will be more comfortable. You are welcome to drive all over the region if you'd like. You might also play in the racing mode to compete in an exciting race or the mission mode to complete numerous goals. Always keep an eye on your fuel level, aim to produce the nicest drifts, and feel free to snap photographs. Let's put your skills in each of the modes to the test!


  • Dynamic 3D graphics.
  • Unlocking brand-new cars.
  • The requirement for skilled driving maneuvers.
  • Three main methods exist for testing oneself.

How to play

To win this race, use the keyboard to move, keep fighting.