Drifting Mania


Drifting Mania driving game is very attractive. Go around the energetic city while drifting and performing acrobatic stunts. Tasks completed to earn money.

You can drift all the way around curves on long roads in Drifting Mania. Driving your car through bends while drifting is the game's sole aim. So get ready to utilize your tires to their full potential!

Timing your drifts in this driving simulation should be your main objective. On the route you are on, you will see a number of contact points. You must press the screen and hold the click in order to drive around each curve with a perfect drift. The tricky aspect is timing when to push and release the mouse to halt the drift.

To avoid exceeding the speed limit, the best recommendation could be to stay in the middle of the road. As you progress, you will earn more gems. By using these gems, you may customize your current cars and unlock new ones. You may unlock even music packs to enhance your game experience!


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Enabling new automobiles
  • Flexible automotive characteristics
  • There are music packs available.

How to play

Use the mouse to move, you can already win. I believe you will win.