Duckpark io


Duckpark io is a fun game of underwater duck racing. Your goal is to acquire gliders while shoving rivals off the course and acquiring fresh duck skins.

With Duckpark io, be ready to have some fun in the bathroom. Although it's fun to play with rubber ducks in a bubble bath, these loud toys have other plans. After securing a space on the water slide, join the race to the bathtub. Can you get to the tub before the ducks do?

Time to get ready for the race. Your objective in this game, in which you compete against other players, is to be the first one to complete the water slide course. Click the play button on the main menu to begin the game. Once more people have entered the game, you'll start to fall. To control your duck, move your cursor left and right.

You'll encounter several boosters as you travel. Green arrows enhance your speed, and geysers launch you into the air. To get to the beginning of the slide, you can leap off of it and float in the air. To prevent the game from ending, avoid falling to the ground. Running the entire race results in receiving coins. These might be used to buy fresh ducks. Good luck!


  • Vivid 3D images
  • Multiplayer video games
  • Logical constraints
  • 22 different ducks to uncover.
  • There are 6 different rooms to unlock.

How to play

Use the mouse to move, be the winner.